Monday, February 13, 2017

''If you fight the law, Mr Trump, the law wins. Take on Iran and sharia instead'' THE TIMES Niall Ferguson

Breaking rocks in the hot sun / I fought the law and the law won.” As a teenage punk rocker with a Thatcherite enthusiasm for the rule of law and harsh penal codes, I first heard those lines from the hoarse larynx of the Clash’s Joe Strummer. I found out only later that the song had been written by the guy who replaced Buddy Holly as frontman of the Crickets. No, I don’t remember his name either.
It’s a great number but not one that should be sung by presidents of the United States. Unfortunately for Donald Trump, I Fought the Law was last week’s theme tune. On Thursday the federal court of appeals for the ninth circuit ruled against his executive order banning refugees, immigrants and visitors from seven mostly Muslim countries. As a result the order is a dead letter, pending further litigation or a complete rewrite by Team Trump.

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