Monday, February 6, 2017

Kellyanne Conway: Trump Spokesman Didn’t Lie, He Gave “Alternative Facts” and the incredible answer posted by PROF. E.COUTSIAS

΄''Now they tell us. Turns out that President Donald Trump’s administration doesn’t lie, it just has different versions of the truth. Kellyanne Conway, the omnipresent senior aide to the president, said Sunday that the White House press secretary wasn’t lying when he lied about crowd numbers at the inauguration, he was merely presenting “alternative facts..΄΄

And the response to the ''alternative facts'' doctrine of propaganda 
  ''Proof of the Riemann Hypothesis utilizing the theory of Alternative Facts
                         Donald J. Trump        January 24, 2017


Conway’s powerful theory of Alternative Facts can render many difficult problems tractable. Here we demonstrate the power of AF to prove the Riemann Hypothesis, one of the most important unsolved problems in mathematics. We further suggest applications of AF to other challenging unsolved problems such as the zero-equals-one conjecture (which is also true) and the side-counting problem of the circle. We determine the circle to have exactly 11 unique sides.

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