Thursday, January 7, 2016

John Grisham’s terrific new thriller, ‘Rogue Lawyer’

''Thirty novels into his nearly ­three-decade career, John Grisham still makes it look easy. Last fall, he brought out “Gray Mountain,” a superb thriller about the environmental and human wreckage wrought by big coal companies in Appalachia. This fall, Grisham has switched gears once again and is debuting what looks to be a series featuring a so-called street lawyer named Sebastian Rudd..''
 ''..In that last labyrinthine adventure, the desperate police force becomes more of a threat to Rudd than the serial killer. Rudd survives by holding fast to his somewhat soiled code of ethics: “A lawyer like me is forced to work in the shadows. My opponents are protected by badges, uniforms, and all the myriad trappings of government power. They are sworn and duty-bound to uphold the law, but since they cheat like hell it forces me to cheat even more..''
First 5 Chapters..

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