Thursday, July 2, 2015

We Are Living in the Anti-Europe By Dirk Kurbjuweit

The Greek crisis has destroyed an old dream about the future of Europe. The only possibility for moving the EU in the direction we were promised is a radical solution -- either a Grexit or an expensive debt haircut.
Tired. Everyone is so tired -- the politicians, the people, the media, the institutions, democracy. Europe is tired, exhausted, haggard. Yet another marathon negotiating session? How many have there already been? Yet again these tired eyes of overexertion of those involved in the negotiations. Once again a postponement or a compromise that nobody is convinced of and is really just the start of the next crisis. This is how things have been proceeding for years now. Enough already.
We don't want to speak of greatness, or of political heroes or of far-reaching actions. That's difficult in a complex system like Europe. We want to speak of the minimum: Politics requires successes in order to legitimate itself. It has to solve problems, especially the really tough ones that require a lot of effort. But that's not happening. In the case of Greece, all we have been seeing are pseudo-solutions, if even that. 
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