Saturday, July 7, 2018

A New Type of Human Homo Digitalis

Is humanity and technology becoming so meshed together that chips in the brain, 3D printed organs and virtual sex will one day just be considered a normal part of life? And if we were to become no longer totally human, but not totally digital either, would that make us a new species - Homo Digitalis? Are we going to take over evolution and decide for ourselves how we want to change?
Does living in a digitised world divert sexual pleasures away from other people and towards the screen? A recent study confirms the trend both in Japan and Europe. Since the smartphone, the amount of sex couples have has decreased. At the same time, sex robots are now a reality. Helen Fares meets one of these lovers of the future.
 Eternal life: an impossible dream or our reality in just a few decades? And would you even be willing to modify your DNA to live longer? Is the body is only a computer and DNA the source code? Quite possibly...

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