Friday, June 8, 2018

The Metal Head: How A High School Dropout Built A Pioneering 3D Printing Business

''Frank Herzog was still in elementary school in the historic Bavarian city of Bamberg when he fell in love — with metals. So ardent was his passion that he later quit high school to pursue it. “I was young when I realized that I loved the material,” he says.
More than three decades later, Herzog’s fascination with shiny objects endures. He is the founder and CEO of Concept Laser, a pioneering maker of 3D printers whose machines — including the world’s largest industrial printer for metals — can print delicate jewelry and dental implants as well as massive engine blocks for trucks. In 2016, GE acquired a majority stake in Concept Laser, which now is part of GE Additive, a GE business dedicated to supplying 3D printers, materials and engineering consulting service..''

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