Friday, August 4, 2017

Collateralized loan obligations: Our next financial nightmare

by Cyrus Sanati
Cyrus Sanati is a financial journalist, author and commentator dedicated to delivering intelligent and insightful news, analysis and commentary to the public on the most important financial, political and economic topics of the day. Over the last decade, Mr. Sanati served as a reporter, editor and columnist for some of the most respected media organizations in the United States; including, Breakingviews, The New York Times and Fortune. Cyrus has a keen understanding of a variety of financial topics, while possessing deep and specialized knowledge of the banking, energy and airline industries. Mr. Sanati has extensive experience covering the nexus between finance and government, allowing him access to some of the top players on Wall Street as well as on Capitol Hill. Cyrus also covers the European markets intently, traveling often to London and Brussels.

Greed, stupidity, and slack government oversight fueled the mortgage bubble. The same thing seems to be happening today, but this time with leveraged loans and junk bonds.

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