Saturday, July 30, 2016

The End of Republicanism? Jonathan Freedland

''The purpose of a modern party convention, one of them at any rate, is to have delegates return home full of enthusiasm and vigor for the struggle ahead. Ideally, they’ll have been stirred by a soaring closing-night acceptance speech from their anointed nominee, they’ll be armed both with arguments and an inspirational vision to see them through the fall, and they will know that any rifts opened up during the preceding primary season have been duly healed. For a few weeks, at least, they will bask in the afterglow of party comradeship, having been reminded of the rightness of their cause and convinced of their chances of victory.
Some of those who spent last week navigating the heavily-secured streets of Cleveland for the Republican National Convention may well feel that way. Trump supporters outnumbered those who had backed his opponents and they liked what they heard. They reckon the nominee is channeling a mood of fear and rage in the country that the national media and the liberal elites might not like, but that is potent and deeply felt. They believe this spirit of anxious fury is capable of forging a “silent majority” that could carry Trump, like Richard Nixon before him, to the White House.,''
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