Saturday, March 12, 2016

'' The Labour rebels plan a long game but time is running out'' Rafael Behr

The long game is what politicians claim to be playing whenever they are losing. When things are going swimmingly there is no need to pretend that what looks like drowning is actually part of a strategic plan.
The predicament of Labour MPs illustrates the point. A majority of them wish Jeremy Corbyn had not won last summer’s leadership contest, yet all accept that he would win again, perhaps by a greater margin, if the race were rerun tomorrow. Most of the dissidents also accept that a significant factor in Corbyn’s victory was that the other candidates deserved to lose. They failed at organisation and inspiration. “They lost because they were shit,” as one former minister puts it. That leads many potential plotters to conclude that there is no sense in trying to unseat the leader any time soon. There is neither a candidate nor a programme around which non-Corbyn Labour might coalesce..''

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