Monday, February 29, 2016

''The Knowledge Future: Intelligent policy choices for Europe 2050''

''We live in a world of increasing and systemic unpredictability. Accelerating technological change empowers individuals and organizations to be far more productive and destructive than ever before. National and other boundaries are eroded as links between individuals, between collectives and between countries multiply at an unprecedented pace. And whilst physical distance becomes less and less significant, vast and rapidly expanding populations are located in parts of the planet that are challenged for resources, food and energy. In this context, Europe’s research, innovation and higher education system lies at the core of its economic and social prospects. The report ‘The knowledge future: intelligent policy choices for Europe 2050’ elaborates on challenges and opportunities that three ‘megatrends’ — globalization, demographic change and technological change — represent for Europe’s research, innovation and higher education system, and suggests a number of ideas that could find a place in EU policy for research and innovation..''

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