Sunday, December 27, 2015

''My Greek Crisis''by Christina Poulidou (AMAZON)

''A novella in the form of a diary, My Greek Crisis follows the dramatic political developments in Greece during the summer of 2015. The narrator is a 16-year-old girl from Athens, Antigone Amyridou. Recording her own experiences alongside those of her middle class family and friends, she offers us an insight into the everyday life of Greeks and the broad impact of the crisis on Greek society as a whole. Basically, Antigone’s middle-class family has been plunged into a limbo of uncertainty about the place of Greece in Europe and their economic prospects.
The author, Christina Poulidou, has been a journalist for 34 years. She says that she decided to write this novella as a way of responding to her friends from abroad. “They were very concerned. They would read about the Greek crisis, of course, but they wanted to know what it’s really like for all of us living here, what has changed in our everyday lives. It is to them that I dedicate this book.”

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