Tuesday, August 11, 2015


''Until now, diplomacy has shaped the Franco-German relationship, which required about as much restraint and caution as the act of packing and unpacking crates of porcelain.
But now conditions have changed, following the debate over the “Grexit” and the hectic Greek bailout, and plain language has replaced cotton-ball politics.
German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble’s suggestion that Greece withdraw from the euro zone for five years was apparently too ruthless for many French politicians.
In an exclusive interview with Handelsblatt, his French counterpart, Michel Sapin, said that there is a “clear dissent” in France with Mr. Schäuble on the Grexit issue.
This is not his own position, he added, nor is it the one Germany had recently assumed.
“I believe that Wolfgang Schäuble is mistaken and is even contradicting his deep European desire,” Mr. Sapin said: “Some of us thought it was headstrong to make certain proposals during the debate.”

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