Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Europe seeks new vision in face of 'global tectonic changes'

''Europe’s leaders, shaken by the rise of Donald Trump and the continued belligerence of Vladimir Putin, will seek to forge a new vision for the EU with greater unity on foreign policy and higher spending on defence, during a summit in Malta on Friday.
A leaked “concept paper” drawn up by the European council, whose members comprise the 28 EU states, warns that the union is at “a historical turning point, experiencing dramatic challenges both from within and outside”.
The paper says: “Externally, globalisation based on cooperation and competition is giving way to increasing rivalry, confrontation and even conflict, putting into question the fundamentals underpinning the rules-based international order.
“We are also facing important internal challenges as exemplified by Brexit. In these times of global tectonic changes the EU needs strength and determination to keep unity and to better respond to the expectations of its citizens in the areas of security, economy and social inclusion.”
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