Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Basic Income for All: Dream or Delusion? IN DAVOS

''Fundamental shifts in the world of work are eroding traditional social safety nets. Could a universal basic income be the solution?
It’s already happening in Finland and the Canadian province of Ontario, while other states and cities across the world are considering the idea. The Economist’s Tamzin Booth heads up a discussion among global and political experts to talk through the case for a basic universal income.
UBI isn’t a new idea, according to Guy Standing of the Basic Income Earth Network. He says it was originally ignored, but growing fears surrounding job automation have stoked an interest in basic income. Standing suggests that basic income will exist as a form of social justice. “It’s a means of basic security”, he says. “It won’t eradicate poverty, but it will handle uncertainty”..''
the video 

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