Friday, April 15, 2016

''Eurozone Bailout Fund Chief Discusses Greece’s Bailout Negotiations, Debt Relief'' By Viktoria Dendrinou Reporter at The Wall Street Journal

''Klaus Regling, the managing director of the European Stability Mechanism, the eurozone bailout fund, spoke to The Wall Street Journal about a range of issues, including ongoing negotiations between Greece and its international creditors and potential ways to relieve the country’s debt load. This is a transcript of the interview with Viktoria Dendrinou.

WSJ: To start with Greece, it would be good to get your sense on how negotiations are going. It seems they ended quite abruptly in Athens [on Monday]. We were expecting them to come up with two documents, one on what is agreed with the Europeans and one with the IMF’s reservations but that just didn’t happen. Why do you think that didn’t happen and why was there not enough progress?
KR: It is not easy, because Greece had the most difficult starting position, they do not have a big implementation capacity, and that’s why it is difficult. It is disappointing that we have seen this long delay in the..''
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