Sunday, June 21, 2015

English Baroque Opera & Greek folk song (Labros Filippou & Moussas Farm) posted on FB by g.provopoulos

On May 2011, the English Baroque Opera performed at The Anglican Church in Athens featuring Labros Filippou & Tilemachos Moussas Farm.
Two of the songs performed were covers of "Music for a While" by Henry Purcell and "Alismono ke herome," a Greek traditional song. What is amazing about this performance is the group's great use of recreating traditional pieces, such as "Music for a While" and "Alismono ke herome," and adding contemporary ideas like the musical saw and rock rhythms. The listener not only experiences the warmth and peace of the traditional pieces but also added tone colors and interesting new sounds that help to create a trance like atmosphere. Of course Labros Filippou's warm and tender angel like voice and his amazing use of vibrato not to mention the well executed interpretation of the vocal style used in the Baroque Era and Greek traditional pieces all help to establish a well rounded performance that is both unique and traditional.

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